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This is an attempt to create an open source alternative to UIScrollView by implementing it as a cocos2d layer. The idea is to make it fully featured (e.g. rubber band, smooth scrolling).

How to use

  • Add AScrollLayer as a child to the scene
  • Disable one of the axis (temporary solution)
  • Add CCNodes to AScrollLayer's 'contentLayer'-property
  • Define the contentSize of AScrollLayer

Current Features

  • Scrolling either vertically or horizontally (buggy when enabled at the same time)
  • Deceleration
  • Bounce when hitting edge
  • Rubber band effect when dragging beyond bounds


  • Make scrolling more natural by defining deceleration using physics -- it's linear right now
  • Subtle bounce back when hitting edge whilst dragging
  • Remove stuttering of content when pulling content beyond bounds (rubber band)
  • Counter-force when pulling content beyond bounds (i.e. content translates less and less due to rubber band)
  • Let bounds of content restrict scrolling instead of verticalScrollDisabled/horizontalScrollDisabled booleans(lazy)



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