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My dotfiles

  • Clone this repo (on your home for example ~/.dotfiles).
  • Make symbolics links of the configuration file you want.


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  • Install Neovim (nightly version)
  • Make a symbolic link (or just copy the folder) of config/nvim to ~/.config/nvim
  • Open neovim, the plugin manager and all plugins will be installed automatically

Test it with Docker

docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/src -v $HOME/.local/share/stsewd-nvim/lazy:/root/.local/share/nvim/lazy

Open neovim and start coding.

To update the docker image just run docker pull


Check config/nvim/ for see all the plugins, settings and key-bindings, it's well documented.

Recommended tools

After install

  • Create gnome shortcuts:
    • Open terminal with ctrl-alt-enter
    • Minimize all windows with super-d
    • Open file explorer with super-e
  • Install the Gnome extensions from gnome-extensions.txt
  • Set the firefox options from firefox-about.txt
  • Add ssh/gpg keys
  • Copy sensitive configs from private gist
  • Create additional firefox profiles (scripts/
  • Setup yubikey (