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Jem-press is inspired by Octopress and jem-doc, hence the name. I like Octopress for all the customization and options, but it's lacking deliberately feature-poor simplicity of jem-doc. However, jem-doc doesn't use markdown, and seems kinda hacked together (no make file included, etc). So, I decided to make jem-press.

Octopress is a blog-aware site generator. Jem-press is not, and could only be blog aware if you formatted the blog yourself. In that sense, it's static. A good example of the site I'm trying to produce is the jemdoc website.

Jem-press is supposed to be simple. It's designed so that all that's required is to download this repo and change the markdown files. Everything else is taken care of -- CSS, LaTeX equations, etc.


The documentation includes all the details on

  • how to install
  • how to generate site
  • some content tips

Even though the docs are incredibly useful, I'll include a couple bullets:

  1. It's easiest to clone this repo to get started
  2. All of the content displayed on the pages are in content/
  3. Run cd path/to/jem-press; ruby update.rb to update your site

Sample site

The jem-press documentation site is written in jem-press itself.


  1. Only folders within images are copied across. I should implement find content -type d | xargs cp -r html/


  • simple, feature minimal (deliberately!)
  • easy to pick up
  • popular markdown formatting
  • easy for academic/static sites
  • not blog sensitive (no posts by date, no search, no keywords, etc)