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arch i586 targets x86_64:32bit
arch i686 targets x86_64:32bit
arch s390 targets s390x:32bit
arch ppc targets ppc64:32bit
arch ppc64 targets ppc:64bit
arch sparc targets sparc64:32bit
arch sparcv8 targets sparc64:32bit
arch sparcv9 targets sparc64:32bit
arch sparcv9v targets sparc64v:32bit
arch sparc64 targets sparcv9:64bit
arch sparc64v targets sparcv9v:64bit
configdir /usr/lib/baselibs-<targettype>/bin
targettype x86 prefix /emul/ia32-linux
targettype x86 extension -x86
targettype 32bit extension 32
targettype 64bit extension 64
targetname <name>-<targettype>
targettype 64bit -^(/usr)?/lib/lib
targettype 32bit -/lib64/
targettype x86 -/lib64/
config +.*bin.*-config$
config -/kde-config$
targettype x86 requires "ia32el"
targettype x86 prereq "glibc-x86"
package /.(?<!-devel)$/
post "/sbin/ldconfig"
package /(.*)-devel$/
targettype x86 block!
requires "<name> = <version>"
requires "<match1>-<targettype> = <version>"
package /(.*)-debuginfo$/
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