A simple mode for running checkpatch scripts.
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This is a simple minor-mode for running checkpatch scripts.

A checkpatch script is a script that will scan a patch or file and check the code meets a number of criteria. This sort of automatic code review is encouraged as it means people will spend less time correcting stylistic mistakes and can concentrate on the core code changes.

User entry functions

Currently the user facing functions are:

  • checkpatch-run-against-file
  • checkpatch-run-against-patch-file
  • checkpatch-run-from-magit

The last function it for calling from magit and will only work if (magit-commit-at-point) finds a commit (e.g. point is at a log entry).

Implementation Details

This minor mode is a derived from compilation-mode. The checkpatch-mode-regex is currently tuned to the output from the Linux kernel checkpatch.

Future work

Make checkpatch-find-script-or-prompt smarter

Currently we set the script path as a local variable when we are first called however we could be smarter looking at common locations.