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* restore edit-server-default-major-mode if auto-mode lookup fails
* Fix a bug with the context menu (#85)
* Make text buttons slightly opaque
* add edit-server-edit-mode-hook (#91, #94)
* Change the handling of hidden elements (fix bug #78)
* Add debugging for erroneous hidden text areas (#93)
* Add keyboard shortcut to bring Emacs to foreground
* Pass clipboard contents to foreground request
* add advice to save-buffers-kill-emacs to avoid prompting on shutdown
* add autoload cookies
* fix bug with format chars in url (#80)
* don't call kill buffer hooks twice (#92)
* don't set-buffer-multibyte on process buffer
* support the "foreground" request with optional clipboard contents
* Upgraded manifest to version 2 for future releases of Chrome
* Added an "Enable Debug" flag to control logging to console
* Use Mutation Observers to better track changes in dynamic DOMs
* Fake a keypress when updating the textarea
* Bug fix for handling editable DIV elements
* Now available from the MELPA package archive!
* Beta support for iterative C-x C-s saving (it works but is ugly, see kill-ring)
* Default to using UTF-8 coding for process communication
* Raise existing frame consistently on Mac
* Tweak the portion of the URL used to name buffers
* Fixed some breakage to the "edit focused area" feature
* Fixed broken link to embedded edit-server
* A couple of fixes for Emacs 24 compatibility
* Globalize the minor mode so it persists through major-mode changes
* Ignore textareas marked as read only
* Don't tag areas that are not visible
* General clean-up to use jQuery to find elements
* Explicit CSS for edit button to override page settings
* Handle editable <div> blocks (e.g. Google+)
* Optimise the finding of text areas for highly dynamic pages
* Revamp the settings page with "Fancy Settings"
* Allow customisation of edit-server-default-major-mode
* Allow edit mode to be set by matched URL
* Tweak detection of MacOS X Emacsen
* Change behaviour of C-x C-s to save to kill-ring
* Persist the buffer-local variables beyond mode changes
* Setup keymap within defvar
* Clean-ups to code to be more idiomatic.
* Support for iterative editing (python server only currently)
* Add context menu while in text area box
* Fix reference to Alt-E, it's actually Alt-Enter
* Trigger a DOM change() event when we update the text area
* Actively encode responses as UTF-8
* Make edit-server-edit-mode a minor mode instead of a derived mode
* Added option to enable/disable visual edit boxes
* Improved feedback as editable elements come in and out of focus
* Updated text box will now fade from yellow after an update
* Added edit-server-start-hook for additional customisation when edit starts
* New icon state. Blue=Waiting, Green=In Progress, Red=Error
* Improved mouse-over text for icon to give more useful feedback
* Move all frame customisation into edit-server-new-frame-alist
* Don't ask user before closing emacs and network process
* Just skip creating new network process if it's already running
* Make sure edit buffer is selected on new frames
* Prompt window manager to bring new frames to the top of the stack (X windows only)
* Enable multi-byte mode on edit buffers for better unicode handling
* Explicitly fail on XEmacs if make-network-process isn't found (XEmacs patches welcome)
* Send the page URL to the edit server via x-url header
* Options page: direct people to Emacs Wiki page for gory extras
* Make Double Click to Edit a selectable option
* Make Keyboard Shortcut to Edit a selectable option
* Don't pass edit ID in URL, but in header as x-id (like x-url)
* Fix edit-server-kill-client (passed process not buffer)
* Fix unkillable zombie buffers created by a closed browser
* Name buffer based on x-url if it exists
* Workaround make-frame-on-display bug on Aquamacs
* Clean-up and streamline the text tagging code
* Process sub FRAMEs and IFRAMEs looking for text boxes
* Handle textareas that have been "cloned" by Javascript - fixes Google Groups
* Generate user feedback if "edit focused area" failed
* Skip textareas with spell-checking disabled (usually email address boxes)
* Make Alt-Enter in focused area generate an edit request (patches to make it configurable welcome!)
* Updates to help text in Options
* Allow more customisation of the pop-up frame
* Allow optional binding to a non-local IP address
* Updates to help text in server code.
* Added proper Emacs icon for extension
* Added options page with instructions and option to change port
* Allow a simple status test to be run in the options page
* Change mouse cursor when hovering over edit button
* Double click on a text area invokes the editor
* edit-server.el now distributed in-situ with the extension
* Renamed edit_server to edit-server to follow conventions
* Stopped C-x C-c from shutting down session (leaving stale TEXTAREA)
* Added default size and name to new frames
* Clear modification indication on new edit buffers