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;; my-find-binary
; This adds the command find-binary-file which will attempt to load a
; binary file into emacs via a helper.
(defun objdump-file (filename)
"Objdump a file"
(interactive (find-file-read-args "Find file: " nil))
(if (file-exists-p filename)
(let ((bufnam (concat "*Objdump of " filename "*")))
(shell-command (concat "objdump -D " filename) bufnam)
(switch-to-buffer bufnam)
(message "File doesn't exist")))
; (objdump-file "/bin/ls")
; (objdump-file "/usr/export/alexjb-desktop/dynamite/cr6436.git/non-products/sierra-nevada/build/BLACKHAWK/dynamite")
(defvar binary-helper-alist
(lambda (elt)
(cons (purecopy (car elt)) (cdr elt)))
("ELF" . objdump-file)))
"Alist of filetype patterns (as returned by 'file -b' and the helper
to execute to display it")
;(shell-command-to-string "file -b /bin/ls")
;(shell-command "objdump -D /bin/ls" "*Objdump of /bin/ls*")
(defun find-binary-file (filename)
"Load a file through a binary helper (like objdump)"
(interactive (find-file-read-args "Find file: " nil))
(if (file-exists-p filename)
(let ((helper)
(type (shell-command-to-string (concat "file -b "
(setq helper (assoc-default type binary-helper-alist 'string-match))
(if (and helper
(consp helper)
(cadr helper))
(setq helper (car helper)))
(when helper
(funcall helper filename))))
(message "filename doesn't exist")))
; (assoc-default "ELF" binary-helper-alist 'string-match)
;(find-binary-file "/bin/ls")
;(find-binary-file "~/src/rockbox/")
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