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; -*- emacs-lisp -*-
; Cambridge Broadband Emacs Setup
; A bunch of handy customisations for hacking around with CBNL
; code.
; This assumes certain functions exist from my dotemacs
(message "Doing local CNBL Customisations")
;; Sanity
(if (or (not (functionp 'chomp))
(not (functionp 'extract-string)))
(error "Need some string munging functions defined"))
;; Project Root variables
; These are defined in my .emacs and are re-implemented here for
; portability reasons.
; The current project root, used to build stuff later
(if (not (bound-and-true-p current-project-root))
(defvar current-project-root
(concat (chomp (shell-command-to-string "pwd")))
"Describes the current project root dir (top of src tree)")
(defvar project-root-history 'current-project-root
"A history of projects I have been to")
; this is redefined later to someting smarter
(defun set-project-root ()
"Set a primary project root"
(setq current-project-root
(read-file-name "Project Root:")))))
;; Project Variables
; These two variables are used to suply the make target invocation
; for something in vectastar. The full string includes
(defvar cbnl-build-targets
'("-C common/libasync -f Makefile"
"-C common/libtimer -f Makefile"
"-C common/libdbg -f Makefile"
"-C net-snmp -f"
"-C third-party/libxml -f ../local-config/Makefile.libxml"
"-C nms-manager-apps -f Makefile"
"A List of CBNL build targets")
;; current-build-target
; *CHANGE* You can set your default build target here
(defvar current-build-target
(concat "build-nms")
"Describes the current build target")
;; current-build-flags
; *CHANGE* You can set your default build flags here.
(defvar cbnl-build-flags
"Describes the current build flags")
(defvar current-build-flags
(concat "PLATFORM=Linux_Desktop EMSDEBUG=1")
"Describes the current default build flags")
(message "Defined CBNL project variables")
;; Sanity
; I only expect to start in a working directory of checked out src
; tree. So there should be a `pwd`/build-system
(let ((bs (concat current-project-root "/build-system")))
(if (not (file-exists-p bs))
(warn "current-project-root is not a CBNL project directory")
(message (concat "Project directory is " current-project-root))))
;; set-cbnl-compile-command
; Construct a compile command for building something in the CBNL
; environment. The compile command is of the form:
; cd "current-project-root" && make "current-build-target" "current-build-flags"
; e.g.
; cd /eng/ajb/reference.cvs && make -C nms-manager-apps -f Makefile GTK=2
(defun set-cbnl-compile-command ()
"Set the compile command for a cbnl project"
(setq compile-command
(format "cd %s && make %s %s"
; And actually do it
;; Switch Targets/Flags
; Allow easy swithcing based on history
; set-current-build-target
(defun set-current-build-target ()
"Switch build target"
(setq current-build-target
(read-string "New target:"
; set-current-build-flags
(defun set-current-build-flags ()
"Switch build flags"
(setq current-build-flags
(read-string "New flags:"
(message "Keyboard Hacks")
; On BOB under screen I get stange backspace behaviour
(if (string-match "bob" (system-name))
(normal-erase-is-backspace-mode 1))
; We have a number of c styles, my-c-mode.el defines a guesser
; variable which we can use for this stuff.
(message "Additional coding styles")
; Need cc-style
(require 'cc-styles)
; Define the coding style for nms-manager-apps
(defconst cbnl-nms-style
; Display the cc-style syntax point, useful for debugging
(c-echo-syntactic-information-p . t)
; No tabs, 2 space indent level
(c-basic-offset . 2)
(indent-tabs-mode . nil)
; only indent if point left of line
(c-tab-always-indent . t)
(c-comment-only-line-offset 0)
(c-electric-pound-behavior . (alignleft))
(c-hanging-comment-ender-p . nil)
(c-comment-continuation-stars . "* ")
(c-recognize-knr-p . nil)
(c-cleanup-list . (empty-defun-braces
; "To specify which kinds of braces you want auto-newlines put around"
(c-hanging-braces-alist . ((brace-list-open)
(block-close . c-snug-do-while)
(substatement-open before after)))
(c-hanging-colons-alist . ((member-init-intro after)
(access-label after)
(inher-intro after)
(case-label after)
(label after)))
; Define the offsets for various states
(c-offsets-alist . ((arglist-close . c-lineup-arglist)
(arglist-cont-nonempty . c-lineup-arglist)
(substatement-open . 0)
(statement-cont . ++)
(case-label . +)
; Block open/close braces should be on the same line
; as the open/close statement, so de-indent
(defun-block-intro . +)
(block-open . 0)
(block-close . 0))))
"CBNL NMS Apps")
(c-add-style "cbnl-nms-style" cbnl-nms-style)
; Add it to my style guesser list if it exists, forcing the load of
; my-c-mode.el
(require 'my-c-mode)
(setq my-c-styles-alist (cons '(".*nms-manager-apps.*$" . "cbnl-nms-style") my-c-styles-alist))
(setq my-c-styles-alist (cons '(".*include/ems/.*$" . "cbnl-nms-style") my-c-styles-alist))
;; TAGs support
; This used to just do a global TAGS file but there is a lot of
; duplicated code in the code base so really I need to do a TAGS file
; per app.
;(file-name-directory buffer-file-name) )
; (string-match "/lib" "nms-manager-apps/libgrok")
; (string-match "/lib" "/export/csrc/work.git/nms-manager-apps/vsbs/")
(defun create-cbnl-tags ()
(let* ((app-dir (file-name-directory buffer-file-name))
(tag-file (concat app-dir "TAGS")))
(unless (or (string-match "/lib" app-dir)
(string-match "/include" app-dir))
(unless (file-exists-p tag-file)
(let* ((find-paths (concat "include/common/ include/ems/ nms-manager-apps/lib* " app-dir))
(command (concat "cd " current-project-root "; find " find-paths " -iname \"*.[ch]\" | etags -o " tag-file " -")))
(message (concat "Creating tags with:" command))
(shell-command command)))
(visit-tags-table tag-file))))
(defadvice find-tag (before c-tag-file activate)
"Automatically create tags file for an app."
(message "Done with cbnl customisations")
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