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;; My C Mode Customisations
; Having all the C Mode stuff loaded up every time is very time
; consuming so I keep it all in here. This also means the compile mode
; and other such tweaks can live in this file.
; I'll define all my basic prefs in my-c-style from which the others
; can inherit depending on what I'm working on.
(message "Starting my-c-mode.el customisation")
; Need cc-style
(require 'cc-mode)
(require 'cc-styles)
(defconst my-c-style
'((indent-tabs-mode . nil)
(c-tab-always-indent . nil)
(c-indent-level 3)
(c-comment-only-line-offset 0)
(c-basic-offset . 4)
; (c-echo-syntactic-information-p . t) - this is only useful for debugging
(c-electric-pound-behavior . (alignleft))
(c-hanging-comment-ender-p . nil)
(c-comment-continuation-stars . "* ")
(c-recognize-knr-p . nil)
(c-cleanup-list . (empty-defun-braces
(c-hanging-braces-alist . ((brace-list-open)
(block-close . c-snug-do-while)
(substatement-open before after)))
(c-hanging-colons-alist . ((member-init-intro after)
(access-label after)
(inher-intro after)
(case-label after)
(label after)))
(c-offsets-alist . ((arglist-close . c-lineup-arglist)
(arglist-cont-nonempty . c-lineup-arglist)
(substatement-open . 0)
(statement-cont . ++)
;; (arglist-cont-nonempty . ++)
; (ansi-funcdecl-cont . 0)
(case-label . +)
(block-open . 0))))
"Alex's C style")
; We don't set this as the default style as it gets in the way when
; editing Random C code.
(c-add-style "my-c-style" my-c-style)
(defconst gtkg-style
(c-basic-offset . 4)
(c-tab-always-indent . t))
"Style for GTK Gnutella Development")
(c-add-style "gtkg-style" gtkg-style)
; Rockbox
(defconst rockbox-c-style
"my-c-style" ; derive from my-c-style
(c-basic-offset . 4)
(c-comment-only-line-offset . 0)
(c-hanging-braces-alist . ((substatement-open before after)))
(c-offsets-alist . ((topmost-intro . 0)
(topmost-intro-cont . 0)
(substatement . +)
(substatement-open . 0)
(statement-case-intro . +)
(statement-case-open . 0)
(case-label . +)
"Rockbox C Programming Style")
(c-add-style "rockbox-c-style" rockbox-c-style)
;; my-c-style-guesser
; Go through the list of patterns and see if we know what style
; we want to run. Otherwise we shall guess on the state of the file.
(defvar my-c-styles-alist
(lambda (elt)
(cons (purecopy (car elt)) (cdr elt)))
(".*/linux.*/.*\\.[ch]$" . "linux")
(".*/.*kernel.*/.*\\.[ch]$" . "linux")
(".*/.*linux/.*\\.[ch]$" . "linux")
(".*binutils.*\\.[ch]$" . "gnu")
(".*gtk-gnutella.*" . "gtkg-style")
(".*rockbox.*\\.[ch]$" . "rockbox-c-style")
(".*mysrc.*$" . "my-c-style")))
"A list of reg-ex to styles for my-c-style-guesser")
; You can add to the alist with something like:
; (setq my-c-styles-alist (cons '(".*mysrc.*$" . my-c-style) my-c-styles-alist))
(defun my-c-style-guesser(filename)
"Guess the C style we should use based on the path of the buffer"
(message (concat "my-c-style-guesser " filename))
(assoc-default filename my-c-styles-alist 'string-match))
; examples
; (my-c-style-guesser "/home/alex/src/kernel/linux-2.6/drivers/ide/ide-cd.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/home/alex/mysrc/mysrc.old/c/binmerge/binmerge.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/home/alex/src/gtk-gnutella/gtk2-gnutella/src/core/bitzi.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/home/alex/src/cvsps.git/cvsps.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "nms-manager-apps/vsalarmd/snmp_interface.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/export/src/parsecvs.git/tree.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/eng/ajb/ft-kernel.git/net/atm/common.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/export/csrc/ppc-linux/common.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/export/csrc/intel-linux/common.c")
; (my-c-style-guesser "/home/alex/src/rockbox/rockbox.git-svn/apps/playlist.c")
;; my-c-mode-hook is called every time
;; I enter c-mode where I can enforce my will
(defun my-c-mode-hook()
"My c-mode hook"
(message "In my-c-mode-hook")
; If I'm working with git-grep this won't be set
(if (bound-and-true-p find-c-files)
(set-my-find-files find-c-files))
; Set the c-style if we can. I think mmm-mode gets in the way of
; buffer-file-name for setting sub-modes, so check we have one first
(if (eval buffer-file-name)
(message (format "looking for style for buffer %s" (buffer-file-name)))
(let ((style (my-c-style-guesser (buffer-file-name))))
(message (format "Found style:%s" style))
(if style
(c-set-style style)
; fallback
(message "Falling back to defaults")
(c-set-style "my-c-style")))))
(if I-am-emacs-21+
(add-hook 'c-mode-hook 'my-c-mode-hook)
; Java stuff
; (OpenNMS standards
(add-hook 'java-mode-hook (lambda ()
(setq c-basic-offset 4
tab-width 4
indent-tabs-mode nil)))
(message "Done with cc-mode customisation")
;; End of c-mode customisations
;; load the ctags library and bind C-f to something worth using :-)
(if (locate-library "etags")
(autoload 'find-tag "etags" "Emacs Tags library" t)
(global-unset-key "\C-f")
(global-set-key "\C-f" 'find-tag)))
;; CPerl-mode
(setq interpreter-mode-alist (append (list (cons "perl" 'cperl-mode)
(cons "perl5" 'cperl-mode)
(cons "miniperl" 'cperl-mode))
(setq auto-mode-alist (append (list
(cons "\\.\\([pP][Llm]\\|al\\)\\'" 'cperl-mode)
(cons "\\.plx\\'" 'cperl-mode)
(cons "\\.cgi\\'" 'cperl-mode)
(cons "\\.pod\\'" 'cperl-mode)
(cons ".*/perl/.*" 'cperl-mode))
(setq cperl-info-on-command-no-prompt nil
cperl-clobber-lisp-bindings nil
cperl-electric-parens nil
cperl-electric-keywords nil)
; cperl-mode tries to load
; abbrev before running the hook
(add-hook 'cperl-mode-hook
'(lambda ()
(cperl-set-style "BSD")
(setq cperl-hairy nil
cperl-merge-trailing-else nil
cperl-tab-always-indent nil
cperl-auto-newline nil
cperl-electric-lbrace-space nil
cperl-electric-linefeed t
cperl-electric-parens nil
cperl-electric-keywords nil
cperl-lazy-help-time 1
cperl-extra-newline-before-brace t
cperl-extra-newline-before-brace-multiline t
cperl-max-help-size 50)
(imenu-add-to-menubar "Imenu")
(if (not cperl-lazy-installed) ; Only toggle if it's
(cperl-toggle-autohelp)) ; not already set
(if (locate-library "mode-compile")
(define-key cperl-mode-map "\C-cr" 'mode-compile))
(define-key cperl-mode-map "\C-cc" 'cperl-check-syntax)
(define-key cperl-mode-map "\C-j" 'cperl-linefeed)
(message "Ran cperl-mode hook")))
;; Compile Mode Stuff
; I want to be able to search straight from the compile mode window
; I've tried doing stuff with compile-/compile+ but never got it to work.
(unless (functionp 'compile)
(if (locate-library "compile")
(autoload 'compile "compile")
(autoload 'recompile "compile")
; ensure the default compile command is sensible
(setq compile-command (format "cd %s && make -k" current-project-root))
; Tweak some variables
(setq compilation-scroll-output t
; compilation-buffer-name-function nil
compile-auto-highlight t
compilation-window-height 10)
(message "Setup compile-mode"))
(message "Unable to find compile libs...")))
; Always set the global keybindings
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c c") 'compile)
(global-set-key (kbd "<f3>") 'compile)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c r") 'recompile)
(message "Finished my-c-mode.el customisation")
(provide 'my-c-mode)
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