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This specification defines a publish-subscribe data transfer protocol that has been optimized for exchanging streaming time series style data, such as synchrophasor data that is used in the electric power industry, over Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol supports transferring both real-time and historical time series data at full or down-sampled resolutions. Protocol benefits are realized at scale when multiplexing very large numbers of time series data points at high speed, such as, hundreds of times per second per data point.

Ideal use cases for STTP will include those that need to securely exchange large numbers of continuously measured data.

Compiled Specification

Merged single file copies of the specification can be found in the Output folder in markdown, HTML and PDF formats. These compiled outputs will be updated on a regular schedule, at least daily when any updates are checked into this repository - automated build occurs at the end of the day in the Eastern time zone.

Specification Source

The specification source documentation on this site is separated into multiple files where each section is its own markdown file in the Sections folder. Navigation into the source documentation starts at the table of contents which is the default README of the Sections folder, see Site Design for more details. For help finding source markdown filename for a specified section title, see the Section Map.

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