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Revision 14 (9. January 2011):

  • Major Changes:

    • Redesigned fullscreen controls by Steven La. Thanks!
    • Add audio output device selection to preferences.
    • New no-distraction fullscreen option (blocks menu, dock, task switcher, growl, etc).
  • Improvements:

    • Improve visibility of scrub bar badge.
    • Add option to enable equalizers by default and save defaults for the video equalizer.
    • Add tab-key to cycle timestamp display modes (shows controls first in fullscreen).
    • Remember timestamp display mode (separately for player/playlist).
    • Improved Spaces compatibility.
  • Fixes:

    • Fix MPE not opening any new files if all player windows have been closed.
    • Fix Fontconfig having to always rebuild its caches when using 32bit and 64bit clients.
    • Fix loosing audio when plugging/unplugging headphones.
    • Fix on top while playing when a movie is starting.
    • Fix MPE not launching when the screenshot save location doesn't exist.
    • Fix a bug that would toggle out of fullscreen when playing from the playlist.
    • Fix issues with files that contain problematic metadata.
    • Fix menu key binding interfering with text input.
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 7. January 2011 (r32769).

Revision 13 (1. February 2010)

  • Major changes:

    • Redesigned preferences window
    • MPlayer binary bundles
    • Interactive audio and video equalizers
    • New inspector window
    • Redesigned player window (by Nick Saia)
    • Support for multiple player instances
  • Smaller changes:

    • Custom screenshot save location
    • OSD level and subtitle scale now apply immediately
    • Better custom aspect ratio support
    • Audio equalizer presets
    • Per-file settings in the inspector including audio and subtitle delay
    • Added and fixed framestep function
    • Added loop option
    • Faster adding of files to the playlist
    • Added recent files menu
    • Fix old Apple Remote on Snow Leopard and add support for new one
    • Added support for selecting vob subtitles
    • Clicking on timestamps will cycle the displayed time mode
    • Improved support for VIDEO_TS folders
    • Improved detection of initial streams
  • Fixes:

    • Many playlist fixes
    • Fix garbled MPEG1/2 playback
    • Fix video view related crashed
    • The player window is hidden if it's on the same screen that is used for fullscreen
    • Removed in this release:
    • Video output selection (internal is the only option now)
    • ASS subtitles are always enabled
    • Skip loopfilter and fast options have been merged
    • The MPlayer config file in ~/.mplayer will now longer be loaded

Revision 12 (18. October 2009)

  • This update requires at least OSX 10.5 (Leopard)!
  • Highlights

    • Compatible with OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    • GUI and MPlayer are now 64bit compatible (~20-50% faster)
  • Changes

    • Chapter support no longer limited to MKV
    • Refine the behavior of the Apple Remote's combined skip/seek buttons
  • Bugfixes

  • Fix two Snow Leopard issues
  • Fix additional parameters being ignored in some cases (especially -vf-add/-af-add)
  • Fix loading of subtitles with an apostrophe in their path
  • Fix player window from appearing in fullscreen when using on top while playing
  • Don't set the -monitoraspect MPlayer option (use Additional Parameters if needed)
  • Fix fullscreen controls disappearing when being dragged
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 18. October 2009 (r29777)

Revision 11 (27. June 2009)

  • New icon by mar2o
  • Fullscreen improvements:

    • Option to black out other screens while in fullscreen
    • Don't hide player window to allow using it on a second screen
    • Check that fullscreen controls are never placed off-screen
    • Don't hide menu bar except when going fullscreen on main screen
  • Interface improvements:

    • Enable volume changing and seeking with the scroll wheel
    • Allow player window to be dragged by clicking on the video
    • Additional option for on-top while playing only
    • Allow overriding pre-defined file types (drop-down in open dialog, hold command while dragging file on window)
    • Add encoding selection to open subtitle dialog
    • Update cache slider range to 256MB and allow higher values to be entered in the text box
  • Switch to new MPlayer build style with shared libraries (saves 17MB or 36%)

  • Add log rotation to avoid MPlayerOSX.log getting unreasonably huge
  • Add BS2B audio filter (to simulate speakers through headphones for a more natural listening experience)
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed a crash when going to fullscreen
    • Fix occasional volume "leak" at the start of a movie
    • Fix a problem with preferences window not closing
    • On-top now doesn't place the window above menus
    • Fix a memory leak in the video output (patch by mpx-trax AT
    • Fix MPlayer being marked as unresponsive and spindump on Leopard eating CPU time
    • Video no longer stops when a menu is opened for a longer time
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 22. June 2009 (r29378)

Revision 10 (18. April 2009)

  • Much improved scrubbing bar
  • Fix font selection
  • Fix video size options in preferences
  • Add NSV and FLV to file types
  • Fix skipping buttons on player window and on fullscreen controls
  • Fix crash when opening a file after another one was already opened
  • Fix a memory leak in MPlayer when used with the internal video output
  • Fix playback with more than 8 cores
  • Some performance and size optimiziations
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 18. April 2009 (r29185)

Revision 9 (08. April 2009)

  • Support for multithreaded decoding (FFmpeg-MT - still experimental)
  • Custom aspect ratio from preferences selectable in aspect ratio menu
  • Option to disable animated transitions of the interface
  • Add missing file types (flac, m2ts)
  • Support opening URLs from other applications (like a Browser)
  • Subtitles can now be dragged onto the player or opened in the finder to load them while a movie is playing
  • Save fullscreen controls position relative to screen
  • Support opening multiple files at once in the Finder or by dragging onto the icon
  • Updated deinterlace options
  • Option to skip loop filters (H264)
  • Add option to update to prereleases through Sparkle
  • Various bug fixes
  • Dropped support for PPC without altivec
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 07. April 2009 (r29150)

Revision 8 (09. January 2009)

  • Fullscreen controls
  • Automatic updates with Sparkle
  • Font and font style selection with Fontconfig
  • Automatic detection of subtitle encoding for supported languages
  • Improved and expanded font, subtitles and osd options
  • Options for AC3 and DTS pass-through
  • Internal video output support for multiple gui instances
  • Better Fontconfig cache warning
  • Fix going back to fullscreen on Tiger
  • Fix some memory related issues
  • Other small fixes
  • Includes MPlayer build r28284 from 9. January 2009

Revision 7 (20. October 2008)

  • Fixed internal video output on Tiger
  • Fixed internal video output with too little shared memory
  • Fixed aspect ratio preferences
  • Improved fullscreen transition for internal video output
  • Support for the Apple Remote
  • Various other small bug fixes
  • Updated mplayer binary to r27807 from 20. Oct 2008

Revision 6 (22. August 2008)

  • Threaded integrated video display
  • (gui no longer blocks video)
  • MKV chapter selection
  • Fullscreen device selection
  • Easier application of preferences changes
  • Size and color selection for subtitles
  • Subtitle encoding selection fixed
  • Various other small bug fixes

Revision 5 (13. August 2008)

  • Stream selection
  • Don't minimize and reopen video when switching movies
  • Add items to playlist without stopping playback
  • Remember if playlist is opened
  • Don't spill all log messages to system.log
  • Improved volume control
  • Expose more actions in menus with keyboard
  • Fixed Taking Screenhots
  • Switched to MPlayer icon from tango project

Revision 4 (1. August 2008)

  • Recent SVN mplayer build (PPC only with Altivec)
  • Fontconfig and OSX fix

Revision 3 (28. July 2008)

  • Fontconfig and font encoding fix
  • Screenshot filter loading fix
  • Support for older mplayer binaries
  • Included RC2 mplayer binary

Revision 2 (26. July 2008)

  • Redesigned preferences dialog
  • Additoinal options
  • Audio / Video equalizers
  • Take screenshots

Revision 1 (6. July 2008)

  • ASS Option
  • Fast libavcodec option