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Can you please add another tab in preferences to customize hotkeys? or at least add a hotkey to cycle through subtitles, like "s" or something. Also, whenever I change the volume while paused the video skips ahead some. It's really weird. Also it would be amazing if an option was added to automatically start playback from where I last left off and an option to automatically play the next file in a series of files (if another file has a similar file name). Like the way MplayerX does it. That player is nice it's just that the video playback is messed up. You guys do a much better job with that. Thanks.


Bilalh commented Dec 8, 2011

MPlayer OSX Extended uses MPlayer's key binding so cycle through subtitles is j.

Also I have already made a patch for playing the next file in a series of files see this binary if you want version of MPlayer OSX Extended with the patch applied)

Edit: I added a list of keyboard shortcuts to the help see Keyboard shortcuts to see what it will look like


Bilalh commented Dec 9, 2011

If don't like video skiping ahead when volume is pressed when paused use the MPlayer2 Bundle

@Bilalh Bilalh added a commit to Bilalh/MPlayer-OSX-Extended that referenced this issue Dec 9, 2011

@Bilalh Bilalh for issue #22 09a1f68

@Bilalh Bilalh added a commit to Bilalh/MPlayer-OSX-Extended that referenced this issue Dec 10, 2011

@Bilalh @Bilalh Bilalh + Bilalh for issue #22 1d77ef3

sttz commented Dec 29, 2011

Thanks for your input!

Key configuration is a often requested feature but one that will take some time to implement, which is why I haven't gotten around to do it. Note that you can customize the shortcuts that are mapped to menu items using the Keyboard System Preferences.

The one-frame skip you get while changing some settings while a video is paused is a limitation of MPlayer. As Bilalh pointed out, you can use the mplayer2 binary which has fixed this issue.

The other two features are also requested often and I hope they will find their way into MPE soon!

sttz closed this Dec 29, 2011

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