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iOS Scene Graph Library: a 3D framework for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
C++ Objective-C C Perl Shell
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Resources Fixed Specularity in Normal Mapping.
external Deleted old PowerVR-SDK
isgl3d-framework.xcodeproj Merge remote-tracking branch 'amaechler/master'
isgl3d-framework Removed the Isgl3dDirector autorotation handling
isgl3d.xcodeproj Merge remote-tracking branch 'codetiger/master'
isgl3d Make static |CheckForGLExtension| function static
isgl3dbullet Cameras refactored, view (camera) and projection (camera lens) are no…
support Fix bugs for POD importer non-mesh nodes and ccbridge touch event han…
templates/xcode4 Removed Xcode3 templates (no longer supported)
tests Release plane in after the node has been created w…
.gitignore Git ignore file added to the version control system
ChangeLog Small cleanups
Donors Added ChangeLog and Donors.
LICENSE.IMGTEC iSGL3D source added to Google Code.
LICENSE.bullet Upgraded bullet physics library to version 2.77. This is only include…
LICENSE.isgl3d Cameras refactored, view (camera) and projection (camera lens) are no…
Resources.Credits iSGL3D source added to Google Code.
Version Version file updated Added actions to handle movement, rotation, scaling, transparency, ca… Some fixes for the shadow mapping feature (but it's still experimental) Modified installTemplatesXcode4
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