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All files in this directory must be downloaded. For the M files, right-
click and choose Save As.

Some have asked how the JAR can be so small. The reason is that Clojure
allows packages to be distributed as JARs of *.clj files. Ahead-of-time 
compilation is optional. Nothing is ahead-of-time compiled in Clojuratica,
so there are no .class files making the JAR large.

The JAR file must be placed in your Java classpath and the M files must 
be placed in your Mathematica $Path. The latter can be ascertained by 
evaluating $Path in Mathematica.

To install the JAR file in your system's classpath, download the file 
and place it in a directory contained in your system's Java classpath. 
Alternatively, place it in an arbitrary location and edit your system's 
classpath appropriately. Typically one edits the classpath by changing a 
system environmental variable. Google if you need more information.

The Mathematica J/Link library, JLink.jar, must also be in your system's 
classpath. JLink.jar is typically located in the AddOns/JLink subdirectory 
of the Mathematica installation. Some Mathematica versions will by default 
not install J/Link. If this is the case with yours, you can download J/Link 
for free from the J/Link web site.