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an asynchronous web server, written in clojure
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Aleph is an asynchronous web server, built on top of Netty.

It conforms to the interface described by Ring, with one small difference: the request and response are decoupled.

(use 'aleph)
(defn hello-world [request]
  (respond! request
    {:status 200
     :headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"}
     :body "Hello World!"}))

(run-aleph hello-world {:port 8080})

Notice that the response is an explicit step, using (respond! request response). This gives a much greater degree of flexibility than the servlet model, and allows more straightforward use of Clojure’s concurrency primitives.

This is very experimental, but also a very interesting sandbox to play around in. Contributions and ideas are welcome.

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