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(ns circumspec)
(defn- migrate
"Like immigrate, but takes a map of ns -> varnames."
(doseq [[ns syms] ns-var-map]
(require ns)
(doseq [sym syms]
(let [var (ns-resolve ns sym)]
(let [sym (with-meta sym (assoc (meta var) :ns *ns*))]
(if (.hasRoot var)
(intern *ns* sym (.getRoot var))
(intern *ns* sym)))))))
{'circumspec.context '[describe]
'circumspec.test '[testing it testing-fn]
'circumspec.for '[for-these]
'circumspec.should '[should]
'circumspec.locator '[test-namespaces tests]
'circumspec.runner '[run-tests]
' '[re-test watch stop]})
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