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(ns com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.examples
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen.alpha :as gen]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart :as c]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs :as specs]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series :as series]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series.bubble :as bubble]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series.category :as category]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series.xy :as xy]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling :as sty])
(:import [java.awt Color Font]
[ Theme]
[ Marker]))
(def example-font-set (into #{} (for [style [Font/PLAIN Font/BOLD Font/ITALIC]
size [10 12 14 16]
lfont ["Serif" "SansSerif" "Monospaced"]]
(Font. lfont style size))))
(defn force-axis-counts
[{:keys [x y error-bars bubble] :as series}]
(let [ct (min (count x) (count y)
(count (or error-bars x))
(count (or bubble x)))]
(-> series
(update :x subvec 0 ct)
(update :y subvec 0 ct)
(update :error-bars (fn [x] (when x (subvec x 0 ct))))
(update :bubble (fn [x] (when x (subvec x 0 ct)))))))
(defn force-style-counts
[[series styling]]
(if (< (count (:x series))
(count (:series styling)))
[series (update styling :series #(subvec % 0 (count (:x series))))]
[series styling]))
(def example-series-names
#{"Grommets" "Hit Points" "Expected" "Actual" "Emacs Users" "Vim Users" "Pirates" "Global Warming"})
(s/def ::xy-series-elem* (s/keys :req-un [::series/x ::series/y] :opt-un [::series/error-bars ::xy/style]))
(s/def ::bubble-series-elem* (s/keys :req-un [::series/x ::series/y ::bubble/bubble]
:opt-un [::bubble/style]))
(s/def ::category-series-elem* (s/keys :req-un [::series/x ::series/y] :opt-un [::category/style]))
;; generators need their subgenerators
(declare generators)
(def generators
#(s/gen (into #{} (map (fn [n] (str "Example Title " n))) (range 1 5)))
::series/chartable-number #(s/gen double?)
::series/series-name #(s/gen example-series-names)
::xy/series-elem #(->> (s/gen ::xy-series-elem* generators)
(gen/fmap force-axis-counts))
::bubble/series-elem #(->> (s/gen ::bubble-series-elem* generators)
(gen/fmap force-axis-counts))
::category/series-elem #(->> (s/gen ::category-series-elem* generators)
(gen/fmap force-axis-counts))
::series/show-in-legend? #(s/gen boolean?)
::sty/width #(s/gen #{200 300 400 500})
::sty/height #(s/gen #{100 200 300})
::sty/color #(s/gen ::sty/builtin-color)
::sty/marker #(s/gen ::sty/builtin-marker)
::sty/stroke #(s/gen ::sty/builtin-stroke)
::sty/font #(s/gen example-font-set)
::sty/theme #(s/gen ::sty/builtin-theme)})
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