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(ns com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart :as c]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling :as sty]))
(defn axis-counts-match?
[{:keys [x y error-bars bubble] :as args}]
(and (= (count (second x))
(count y)
(count (or error-bars y))
(count (or bubble y)))))
(defn ordered?
(or (nil? (seq nums))
(boolean (reduce
(fn [x y] (if (pos? (compare x y))
(reduced false)
(first nums)
;; dev trick
#_(defn data-compatible-with-render-style? [])
(defmulti data-compatible-with-render-style? (fn [{:keys [x style]}]
(:render-style style)))
(defmethod data-compatible-with-render-style? :default [series] true)
(defmethod data-compatible-with-render-style? :area
(ordered? (second (:x series))))
(defn finite?
(not (or (Double/isInfinite x) (Double/isNaN x))))
(s/def ::series-name (s/and string? #(not (empty? %))))
(s/def ::chartable-number (s/and number? finite?))
;; TODO: turned off for now -- different axes cannot be mixed on same chart
(s/def ::x (s/or :numbers (s/every ::chartable-number :min-count 1)
#_:dates #_(s/every inst? :min-count 1)))
(s/def :com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.series.category/x
(s/or :numbers (s/every ::chartable-number :min-count 1)
#_:dates #_(s/every inst? :min-count 1)
#_:strings #_(s/every string? :min-count 1)))
(s/def ::y (s/every ::chartable-number :min-count 1))
(s/def ::error-bars (s/every ::chartable-number :min-count 1))
(s/def ::style-base (s/keys :opt-un [::marker-color ::marker-type
::line-color ::line-style ::line-width
::fill-color ::show-in-legend?]))
(s/def ::line-width (s/and ::chartable-number pos?))
(s/def ::marker-color ::sty/color)
(s/def ::line-color ::sty/color)
(s/def ::fill-color ::sty/color)
(s/def ::show-in-legend? any?) ;; truthish
;; these capture some ad-hoc naming differences between series styling top-level styling
(s/def ::marker-type ::sty/marker)
(s/def ::line-style ::sty/stroke)