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(ns com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart :as c]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.macros :refer (defkeyset-spec)]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling.bubble :as bubble]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling.category :as category]
[com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.styling.xy :as xy])
(:import [java.awt Color Font Stroke]
[ Theme]
[ Marker]))
(defn theme?
(instance? Theme x))
(defn font?
(instance? Font x))
(defn color?
(instance? Color x))
(defn marker?
(instance? Marker x))
(defn stroke?
(instance? Stroke x))
(s/def ::styling-base (s/keys :opt-un [::width
(s/def ::xy-styling (s/merge ::styling-base (s/keys :opt-un [::xy/render-style])))
(s/def ::category-styling (s/merge ::styling-base (s/keys :opt-un [::category/render-style])))
(s/def ::bubble-styling (s/merge ::styling-base (s/keys :opt-un [::bubble/render-style])))
(s/def ::chart (s/keys :opt-un [::background-color
(s/def ::title (s/keys :opt-un [::box
(s/def ::box (s/keys :opt-un [::background-color
(s/def ::legend (s/keys :opt-un [::background-color
(s/def ::plot (s/keys :opt-un [::background-color
(s/def ::series (s/coll-of (s/keys :opt-un [::color ::stroke ::marker])))
(s/def ::nat-integer (s/and nat-int? #(<= % Integer/MAX_VALUE)))
(s/def ::pos-integer (s/and pos-int? #(<= % Integer/MAX_VALUE)))
(s/def ::width ::pos-integer)
(s/def ::height ::pos-integer)
(s/def :com.hypirion.clj-xchart.specs.chart/title string?)
(defkeyset-spec ::builtin-theme c/themes)
(s/def ::theme (s/or :builtin ::builtin-theme
:custom theme?))
(defkeyset-spec ::builtin-color c/colors)
(s/def ::color (s/or :builtin ::builtin-color
:custom color?))
(s/def ::background-color ::color)
(s/def ::font-color ::color)
(s/def ::padding ::nat-integer)
(s/def ::border-color ::color)
(s/def ::border-visible? boolean?)
(s/def ::content-size (s/double-in :min 0.0 :max 1.0))
(s/def ::visible? boolean?)
(s/def ::legend-padding ::padding)
(defkeyset-spec ::builtin-stroke c/strokes)
(s/def ::stroke (s/or :builtin ::builtin-stroke
:custom stroke?))
(defkeyset-spec ::builtin-marker c/markers)
(defkeyset-spec ::position c/legend-positions)
(s/def ::series-line-length pos-int?)
(s/def ::marker (s/or :builtin ::builtin-marker
:custom marker?))
(s/def ::font font?)
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