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(ns bowling-game
(:use clojure.contrib.seq-utils))
(defn strike? [rolls]
(= 10 (first rolls)))
(defn spare? [rolls]
(= 10 (apply + (take 2 rolls))))
(defn balls-to-score
"How many balls contribute to this frame's score?"
(strike? rolls) 3
(spare? rolls) 3
:else 2))
(defn frame-advance
"How many rolls should be consumed to advance to the next frame?"
(if (strike? rolls) 1 2))
(defn frames
"Converts a sequence of rolls to a sequence of frames"
(when-let [rolls (seq rolls)]
(lazy-seq (cons (take (balls-to-score rolls) rolls)
(frames (drop (frame-advance rolls) rolls))))))
(defn score-frame
(reduce + frame))
(defn score-game
"Score a bowling game, passed as a sequence of rolls."
(reduce + (map score-frame (take 10 (frames rolls)))))