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Jul 20, 2009

  1. Stuart Halloway

    how sad, the infinite case worked and the finite case didn't:

    Of course I TDD'ed the fix. Thanks again Laurent.
  2. Stuart Halloway

    more readable score-game

  3. Stuart Halloway

    Use when, not if. Thanks Laurent PETIT.

  4. Stuart Halloway

    think in terms of sequence of frames, not sequence of scores for

  5. Stuart Halloway

    cleanup tasks, including:

    * common 'are' idiom
    * README
    * consistent use of 'rolls' and 'frames' (doh!)
    * removed some OO in favor plain ol' data
    * docstrings for key functions
  6. Stuart Halloway

    make tests data-oriented, take advantage of laziness

  7. Stuart Halloway

    thinking in sequences

  8. Stuart Halloway

    use the 'are' macro

    * note that description is currently ignored, TBD if you want it
  9. Stuart Halloway

    initial commit: Uncle Bob's example dropped into a 1.1 project

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