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(ns exploring.reducing-apple-pie
(:use clojure.repl)
[ :as gen]
[clojure.core.reducers :as r]
[clojure.pprint :as pprint]
[criterium.core :as crit]))
(.maxMemory (Runtime/getRuntime))
(set! *print-length* 20)
(defn gen-apples
"Generate a lazy seq of n apples of type type, where stickers is
the proporition of apples that have stickers, and edible
is the proportion of apples that are edible"
[{:keys [n type stickers edible]}]
(repeatedly n (fn [] {:type type
:sticker? (< (gen/double) stickers)
:edible? (< (gen/double) edible)})))
(def apples (gen-apples {:n 100 :type "Del" :stickers 0.8 :edible 0.8}))
(def map-and-filter
(comp (partial filter :edible?)
(partial map #(dissoc % :sticker?))))
(defn prepare-with-seqs
"Prepare the apples by simply composing operations on seqs.
Returns count of apples prepared"
(->> apples
(filter :edible?)
(map #(dissoc % :sticker?))
(prepare-with-seqs apples)
(defn counter
([] 0)
([x _] (inc x)))
(defn prepare-with-reduce
"Prepare the apples by reducing. Returns count of apples prepared."
(->> apples
(r/filter :edible?)
(r/map #(dissoc % :sticker?))
(r/reduce counter)))
(prepare-with-reduce apples)
(defn prepare-with-fold
(->> apples
(r/filter :edible?)
(r/map #(dissoc % :sticker?))
(r/fold counter)))
(prepare-with-fold apples)
(defn prepare-with-partition-then-fold
"Prepare the apples by paritioning, then folding the partitions, then
reducing the fold results. This demonstrates using fold as part of
a larger strategy, but does *not* demonstrate doing anything particularly
clever to feed the folds, e.g. with a data file in hand you could do
better than starting with a sequence."
([apples] (prepare-with-partition-then-fold apples 100000))
([apples n]
(->> apples
(partition-all n)
(map #(prepare-with-fold (into [] %)))
(reduce +))))
(prepare-with-partition-then-fold apples 3)
(defn prepare-with-partition-pmap
([apples] (prepare-with-partition-then-fold apples 100000))
([apples n]
(->> apples
(partition-all n)
(pmap prepare-with-seqs)
(reduce +))))
(defn bench
"Wrap criterium so that it does not use stdout"
(let [s (]
(binding [*out* s]
(assoc (crit/quick-benchmark* f)
:stdout (str s)))))
(defn bench-preparers
(let [mean-msec #(long (* 1000 (first (:sample-mean %))))]
(->> (for [napples [100000 1000000]
:let [apples (into [] (gen-apples {:n napples :type :golden :stickers 1 :edible 0.8}))]
sym '[prepare-with-seqs prepare-with-reduce prepare-with-fold]]
(print "Testing " sym " " napples ": ") (flush)
(let [result (bench #((resolve sym) apples))]
(println (mean-msec result) " msec")
{:op sym
:napples napples
:result result})))
(fn [{:keys [op napples result]}]
{"Operation" op
"Apples" napples
"Mean Time (msec)" (mean-msec result)}))
(doseq [n (range 5 9)]
(doseq [v [#'prepare-with-partition-then-fold #'prepare-with-partition-pmap]]
(dotimes [_ 2]
(println "Timing " v " with 1e" n)
(gen-apples {:n (long (Math/pow 10 n)) :type :golden :stickers 1 :edible 0.8})