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;;;; This is a set of experiments on possible Emacs variants of TextMate's Command-T
;; (string-matches "h.*t" '("hot" "post" "heat"))
(defun string-matches (re list)
(let ((result nil))
(dolist (item list)
(if (string-match re item)
(setq result (cons item result))))
;; find phoenix matches in tags
(defun string-matches-in-tag-files (string)
;; If we need to ask for the tag table, allow that.
(let ((enable-recursive-minibuffers t))
(string-matches (phoenix-search-re string) (tags-table-files))))
(defun phoenix-last-path-component-re (string)
(concat (phoenix-path-component-re string) "$"))
;; build a path-component match re
;; (phoenix-path-component-re "12")
(defun phoenix-path-component-re (string)
(apply 'concat (phoenix-splice (split-string string "" t) "[^/]*")))
;; build an re like "1[^/*]2[.*/.*]/3[^/]*4" from "12/34"
;; (phoenix-search-re "12/34")
;; (string-match (phoenix-search-re "12/34") "01/123/789/345")
(defun phoenix-search-re (string)
(let ((names (split-string string "/" t)))
(apply 'concat
(phoenix-splice (mapcar 'phoenix-path-component-re names)
;; (phoenix-relevance-re "app/foo")
(defun phoenix-relevance-re (string)
(apply 'concat (phoenix-splice (split-string string "/" t) "[^/]*/[^/]*")))
;; (phoenix-splice '(1 2 3) "+")
(defun phoenix-splice (list splice)
(let ((result nil))
(dolist (item list)
(setf result (cons item result))
(setf result (cons splice result)))
(reverse (cdr result))))
;; infer the top directory of a project from the location of the
;; current tags file. Is this a reasonable assumption?
(defun phoenix-find-file-top-dir ()
(file-name-directory tags-file-name))
;; sort list by relevance to string
;; early match beats late match beats no match
(defun phoenix-relevance-sort (str list)
(let ((rel (phoenix-relevance-re str)))
(sort list
(lambda (x y)
(let ((rel-x (string-match rel x))
(rel-y (string-match rel y)))
((not rel-y) t)
((not rel-x) nil)
(t (< rel-x rel-y))))))))
;; (global-set-key "\M-t" 'find-tag-file)
;; this does not work as well as just searching by tags
(defun find-tag-file ()
(find-file (completing-read
"Find a file: "
nil t nil)))
(defun phoenix-tabs-completion (string pred flag)
(let ((matches (string-matches-in-tag-files string)))
(flag matches)
; does not yet handle the lambda case correctly
(member string (tags-table-files))))))