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Clojure in the Field

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This talk is an experience report on using Clojure in production systems, based on Stuart's Clojure experiences:

  • using Clojure as his own primary development language since 2008
  • writing the first book on Clojure, now in a second edition
  • committing to Clojure
  • advising the Clojure/core team at Relevance
  • developing Clojure projects for Relevance customers
  • training developers on Clojure
  • helping to develop Datomic, a database written in Clojure
  • collaborating with Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, ClojureScript, and Datomic

If you are considering whether, or how, to bring Clojure into your organization, this talk is filled with practical advice, from the high level to the gritty details.

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