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ClojureScript brings the sophisticated semantics of a world-class production language (Clojure) to the world's dominant deployment platform (JavaScript, especially running in the browser).

ClojureScript enables browser development that is cheaper, leaner, and more performant than JavaScript (and "slightly enhanced JavaScript" alternatives), and makes it possible to share code between client and server side development.

What We Will Cover

In this talk, we will begin with the semantics of edn and Clojure, and why you might want to build programs with them. We will then move into areas specific to ClojureScript:

  • How Clojure's semantics map to JavaScript's capabilities
  • Targeting the Google Closure Compiler for whole-program optimization
  • Bootstrapping Clojure in JavaScript
  • Calling JavaScript libraries
  • Connecting browsers and REPLs
  • Ending callback hell with core.async

Finally, we will put the pieces together, showing substantial browser applications written in ClojureScript, and a brief tour of the Pedestal framework for web applications.

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