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Codeq: Making Git Repositories Smarter

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Codeq imports your Git repositories into a Datomic database, then performs language-aware analysis on them, extending the Git model both down and up:

  • down, from the textual world of files and lines to the code quantum (codeq) level
  • up, across multiple repositories

This allows you to track change in terms of program units, e.g. function and method definitions, and query your code declaratively. A codeq database can serve as infrastructure for editors, IDEs, code browsing, analysis, and documentation tools.

In this talk, you will learn

  • how to install codeq locally
  • how to import and analyze git repositories
  • how to query your repositories
  • how to extend codeq's builtin analysis with your own custom analyzers

Codeq is open source (EPL), and on github. It works with Datomic Free.

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