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Datomic Ions

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Ions are a complete solution for Clojure and Datomic applications running on Amazon Web Services. You can focus on your application logic, writing ordinary Clojure functions, and the ion tooling and infrastructure handles the deployment and execution details. You can leverage your code both inside Datomic transactions and queries, and from the world at large via built-in support for AWS Lambda.

You can get started with Ions and with Datomic Cloud on the AWS Marketplace.

Benefits Of Ions

  • Focus on your application
  • Leverage your Datomic Cloud cluster compute resources and data locality
  • Extend Datomic transactions and queries with your own logic
  • Connect to the broader AWS cloud via Lambda events
  • Service web consumers with API Gateway
  • Scale Datomic and your app together
  • Deliver on AWS with high agility

In This Talk

  • Ions Architecture
  • Dev Experience
  • Exposing Datomic functions via AWS Lambda
  • Implementing web services via AWS API Gateway
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