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Common questions about having Stuart Halloway speak at your organization.

Can I get the same topic, but in a different format?

Probably. I can't shut up about topics I care about, so longer is typically doable. If you see something described as a talk, but want a one day training course or something like that, ping me and we can discuss options.

Can I request a topic?

I know Clojure and Datomic pretty well, including some topics that I have never gotten around to delivering a talk on. Let me know, I am always curious what people are interested in.

I see the talk already has a video online. What happens if I the schedule the same talk again?

Up to you. The talks evolve over time. If you expect your audience has already watched the content on the web, let me know and I can make sure to cover significantly different / more advanced ground. Or if a recorded talk is exactly what you want, let me know that too, and I can stick to a script.

Can I get you to work on my Clojure- or Datomic-based project?

I have only a limited amount of time available for consulting, but I am always on the lookout for interesting projects.

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