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Stuart Halloway edited this page Jul 11, 2018 · 1 revision

Some random facts about Stu:

  • I took my first programming job not because I wanted to code, but because the job offered the highest pay rate my University allowed for work-study: $6/hour.
  • My favorite nonfiction read of 2018 has been Stamped From the Beginning.
  • I enjoy pretty much every kind of single malt Scotch, but a particular favorite is the Octomore.
  • I used to perform with the Pitchforks of Duke University.
  • I love running, which I do so slowly that strangers occasionally offer me assistance.
  • I sit at a desk fewer than five hours per week.
  • I wrote my first computer program on a TI 99/4a.
  • When I was in graduate school I was almost/barely able to dunk a basketball. I invested a ridiculous amount of time in this quest.
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