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Sample Code for Programming Clojure Copyright 2011 Stuart Halloway and Aaron Bedra. All rights reserved.

Important Notice

If you are reading the first edition of the book sure you grab the first-edition branch of this project instead, from

The first-edition branch has all the files exactly where the book says they will be.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have Java installed.
  • Make sure you have leiningen installed.
  • Run lein deps to install all the dependent libraries.
  • Run script/repl to launch a repl.

Want more Clojure Practice?

Labrepl is a free, open-source environment for exploring the Clojure language. It includes:

  • a web application that presents a set of lab exercises with step-by-step instructions
  • an interactive repl for working with the lab exercises
  • solutions with passing tests
  • up-to-date versions of Clojure, contrib, incanter, compojure and other libraries to explore
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