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# Sample Code for Programming Clojure
Copyright 2008-2010 Stuart Halloway. All rights reserved.
# Getting Started
This (master) branch of the repository has all the files as referenced
from the book Programming Clojure. All the necessary libraries are
already installed. You should be able to start a REPL with:
* `bin/` (Unix, Mac)
* `bin\repl.bat` (Windows)
# Want more Clojure Practice?
[Labrepl]( is a free, open-source environment
for exploring the Clojure language. It includes:
* a web application that presents a set of lab exercises with
step-by-step instructions
* an interactive repl for working with the lab exercises
* solutions with passing tests
* up-to-date versions of Clojure, contrib, incanter, compojure and other libraries to explore
# Want Training?
Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, and Stuart Halloway, the author
of Programming Clojure, provide Clojure training through the
[Pragmatic Studio](