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+# Sample Code for Programming Clojure
+Copyright 2008-2010 Stuart Halloway. All rights reserved.
+# Getting Started
+This (master) branch of the repository has all the files as referenced
+from the book Programming Clojure. All the necessary libraries are
+already installed. You should be able to start a REPL with:
+* `bin/` (Unix, Mac)
+* `bin\repl.bat` (Windows)
+# Want more Clojure Practice?
+[Labrepl]( is a free, open-source environment
+for exploring the Clojure language. It includes:
+* a web application that presents a set of lab exercises with
+ step-by-step instructions
+* an interactive repl for working with the lab exercises
+* solutions with passing tests
+* up-to-date versions of Clojure, contrib, incanter, compojure and other libraries to explore
+# Want Training?
+Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, and Stuart Halloway, the author
+of Programming Clojure, provide Clojure training through the
+[Pragmatic Studio](

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