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-Sample Code for Programming Clojure
-Copyright 2008 Stuart Halloway.
-All rights reserved.
-This version of the sample code has been tested with:
-Clojure SVN revision 1371
-svn co -r 1371 clojure
-Clojure-Contrib SVN revision 837:
-svn co -r 837 clojure-contrib
-Compojure GIT commit 78c2d84
-You can run the completed Compojure example with
- bin/ complete
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+# Sample Code for Programming Clojure
+Copyright 2008-2010 Stuart Halloway. All rights reserved.
+# Important Notice
+If you are reading the book and just beginning to learn Clojure, make
+sure you grab the master branch of this project instead, from
+The master branch has all the files exactly where the book says they
+will be.
+# What's New in 1.2?
+This branch of the Programming Clojure sample code has been updated to
+run with Clojure 1.2. The code changes are small: Clojure has been
+remarkably stable over the 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 releases. You can see the
+changes I made for 1.1 [here]( and for 1.2
+[here]( Even most of these changes were for
+Clojure-contrib, not Clojure itself.
+(While the code changes are small, almost every file has moved. Since I
+wrote the book, conventions for directory structure and tools for
+dependency management have emerged to support Clojure. To take
+advantage of these changes I moved things around.)
+# Getting Started
+* Make sure you have Java installed.
+* Make sure you have [leiningen]( installed.
+* Clone the labrepl project and change directory into it.
+* Run `lein deps` to install all the dependent libraries.
+* Run `script/repl` to launch a repl.
+# Want more Clojure Practice?
+[Labrepl]( is a free, open-source environment
+for exploring the Clojure language. It includes:
+* a web application that presents a set of lab exercises with
+ step-by-step instructions
+* an interactive repl for working with the lab exercises
+* solutions with passing tests
+* up-to-date versions of Clojure, contrib, incanter, compojure and other libraries to explore
+# Want Training?
+Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, and Stuart Halloway, the author
+of Programming Clojure, provide Clojure training through the
+[Pragmatic Studio](

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