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We're pleased to announce version 0.0.4 of Net::LDAP, the pure-Ruby LDAP library.
This version adds an implementation of Net::LDAP#bind_as, which allows
you to authenticate users who log into your applications using simple
identifiers like email addresses and simple usernames. Thanks to Simon Claret
for suggesting the original implementation in his page on the Rails-Wiki,
and for valuable comments and help with testing.
We have un-deprecated Net::LDAP#modify, which can be useful with
LDAP servers that observe non-standard transactional and concurrency
semantics in LDAP Modify operations. Note: this is a documentation change,
not a code change. Thanks to Justin Forder for providing the rationale
for this change.
We added a larger set of special characters which may appear in RFC-2254
standard search filters. Thanks to Andre Nathan for this patch.
We fixed a bug that was preventing Net::LDAP#open from being called more
than once on the same object.
Net::LDAP is a feature-complete LDAP client which can access as much as
possible of the functionality of the most-used LDAP server implementations.
This library does not wrap any existing native-code LDAP libraries, creates no
Ruby extensions, and has no dependencies external to Ruby.
If anyone wants to contribute suggestions, insights or (especially)
code, please email me at garbagecat10 .. ..
= What is Net::LDAP for Ruby?
This library provides a pure-Ruby implementation of an LDAP client.
It can be used to access any server which implements the LDAP protocol.
Net::LDAP is intended to provide full LDAP functionality while hiding
the more arcane aspects of the LDAP protocol itself, so as to make the
programming interface as Ruby-like as possible.
In particular, this means that there is no direct dependence on the
structure of the various "traditional" LDAP clients. This is a ground-up
rethinking of the LDAP API.
Net::LDAP is based on RFC-2251, which specifies the Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol, as amended and extended by subsequent RFCs and by the more
widely-used directory implementations.
Copyright:: 2006 by Francis Cianfrocca
Please read the file LICENCE for licensing restrictions on this library. In
the simplest terms, this library is available under the same terms as Ruby
== Requirements and Installation
Net::LDAP requires Ruby 1.8.2 or better.
Net::LDAP can be installed with:
% ruby setup.rb
Alternatively, you can use the RubyGems version of Net::LDAP available
as ruby-net-ldap-0.0.2.gem from the usual sources.
== Whet your appetite:
require 'net/ldap'
ldap = :host => server_ip_address,
:port => 389,
:auth => {
:method => :simple,
:username => "cn=manager,dc=example,dc=com",
:password => "opensesame"
filter = Net::LDAP::Filter.eq( "cn", "George*" )
treebase = "dc=example,dc=com" :base => treebase, :filter => filter ) do |entry|
puts "DN: #{entry.dn}"
entry.each do |attribute, values|
puts " #{attribute}:"
values.each do |value|
puts " --->#{value}"
p ldap.get_operation_result
== Net::LDAP 0.0.2: May 3, 2006
* Fixed malformation in distro tarball and gem.
* Improved documentation.
* Supported "paged search control."
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