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=== Net::LDAP 0.0.5 / 2009-03-xx
* 13 minor enhancements:
* Added Net::LDAP::Entry#to_ldif
* Supported rootDSE searches with a new API.
* Added [preliminary (still undocumented) support for SASL authentication.
* Supported several constructs from the server side of the LDAP protocol.
* Added a "consuming" String#read_ber! method.
* Added some support for SNMP data-handling.
* Belatedly added a patch contributed by Kouhei Sutou last October.
The patch adds start_tls support.
* Added Net::LDAP#search_subschema_entry
* Added Net::LDAP::Filter#parse_ber, which constructs Net::LDAP::Filter
objects directly from BER objects that represent search filters in
LDAP SearchRequest packets.
* Added Net::LDAP::Filter#execute, which allows arbitrary processing
based on LDAP filters.
* Changed Net::LDAP::Entry so it can be marshalled and unmarshalled.
Thanks to an anonymous feature requester who only left the name
* Added support for binary values in Net::LDAP::Entry LDIF conversions
and marshalling.
* Migrated to 'hoe' as the new project droid.
* 14 bugs fixed:
* Silenced some annoying warnings in filter.rb. Thanks to "barjunk"
for pointing this out.
* Some fairly extensive performance optimizations in the BER parser.
* Fixed a bug in Net::LDAP::Entry::from_single_ldif_string noticed by
Matthias Tarasiewicz.
* Removed an erroneous LdapError value, noticed by Kouhei Sutou.
* Supported attributes containing blanks (cn=Babs Jensen) to
Filter#construct. Suggested by an anonymous Rubyforge user.
* Added missing syntactic support for Filter ANDs, NOTs and a few other
* Extended support for server-reported error messages. This was provisionally
added to Net::LDAP#add, and eventually will be added to other methods.
* Fixed bug in Net::LDAP#bind. We were ignoring the passed-in auth parm.
Thanks to Kouhei Sutou for spotting it.
* Patched filter syntax to support octal \XX codes. Thanks to Kouhei Sutou
for the patch.
* Applied an additional patch from Kouhei.
* Allowed comma in filter strings, suggested by Kouhei.
* 04Sep07, Changed four error classes to inherit from StandardError rather
Exception, in order to be friendlier to irb. Suggested by Kouhei.
* Ensure connections are closed. Thanks to Kristian Meier.
* Minor bug fixes here and there.
=== Net::LDAP 0.0.4 / 2006-08-15
* Undeprecated Net::LDAP#modify. Thanks to Justin Forder for
providing the rationale for this.
* Added a much-expanded set of special characters to the parser
for RFC-2254 filters. Thanks to Andre Nathan.
* Changed Net::LDAP#search so you can pass it a filter in string form.
The conversion to a Net::LDAP::Filter now happens automatically.
* Implemented Net::LDAP#bind_as (preliminary and subject to change).
Thanks for Simon Claret for valuable suggestions and for helping test.
* Fixed bug in Net::LDAP#open that was preventing #open from being
called more than one on a given Net::LDAP object.
=== Net::LDAP 0.0.3 / 2006-07-26
* Added simple TLS encryption.
Thanks to Garett Shulman for suggestions and for helping test.
=== Net::LDAP 0.0.2 / 2006-07-12
* Fixed malformation in distro tarball and gem.
* Improved documentation.
* Supported "paged search control."
* Added a range of API improvements.
* Thanks to Andre Nathan,, for valuable
* Added support for LE and GE search filters.
* Added support for Search referrals.
* Fixed a regression with openldap 2.2.x and higher caused
by the introduction of RFC-2696 controls. Thanks to Andre
Nathan for reporting the problem.
* Added support for RFC-2254 filter syntax.
=== Net::LDAP 0.0.1 / 2006-05-01
* Initial release.
* Client functionality is near-complete, although the APIs
are not guaranteed and may change depending on feedback
from the community.
* We're internally working on a Ruby-based implementation
of a full-featured, production-quality LDAP server,
which will leverage the underlying LDAP and BER functionality
in Net::LDAP.
* Please tell us if you would be interested in seeing a public
release of the LDAP server.
* Grateful acknowledgement to Austin Ziegler, who reviewed
this code and provided the release framework, including