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Pure Ruby LDAP library

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= Net::LDAP for Ruby
Net::LDAP is an LDAP support library written in pure Ruby. It supports all
LDAP client features, and a subset of server features as well.

Copyright:: (C) 2006 by Francis Cianfrocca

Original developer: Francis Cianfrocca
Contributions by Austin Ziegler gratefully acknowledged.

Please read the file LICENCE for licensing restrictions on this library. In
the simplest terms, this library is available under the same terms as Ruby

== Requirements
Net::LDAP requires Ruby 1.8.2 or better.

== Documentation
See Net::LDAP for documentation and usage samples.

# Net::LDAP for Ruby.
#   Copyright (C) 2006 by Francis Cianfrocca
#   Available under the same terms as Ruby. See LICENCE in the main
#   distribution for full licensing information.
# $Id$
# vim: sts=2 sw=2 ts=4 et ai tw=77
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