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How to generate a new version of pyrus
This takes way too many steps right now, but I needed to document it
1. Make sure you have the latest developer plugin
$ php scripts/pyrus upgrade -p ../Pyrus_Developer/package.xml
2. Create the release .phar .tgz .tar and .zip
$ php -dphar.readonly=0 scripts/pyrus make -pphar,tar,tgz,zip
3. Copy the release .phar to pyrus.phar
$ cp PEAR2_Pyrus-X.X.X.phar pyrus.phar
4. Commit pyrus.phar
$ git add pyrus.phar && git commit -m "Add phar for X.X.X"
5. Tag release
$ git tag -a PEAR2_Pyrus-X.X.X
$ git push origin master --tags
6. Release it on the channel
$ cd /
$ git checkout master
$ pyrus scs-release /path/to/PEAR2_Pyrus-X.X.X.phar handle
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Release PEAR2_Pyrus-X.X.X"
$ git push origin master
$ git checkout LIVE
$ git merge master
$ git push origin LIVE