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- Add object for interacting with installed packages [saltybeagle]
- Auto-channel discovery for channels off web root [saltybeagle]
- Improve missing package error message when no channel name is provided [saltybeagle]
- Support auto-discovery for dependencies on unknown channels [saltybeagle]
- Use setSchema for xsd validation, min libxml version 2.6.20 [boekkooi]
Bug Fixes/Refactoring:
- Correct exit status codes [saltybeagle]
- Check if config options are set before re-setting during install [boekkooi]
- Load custom roles installed outside the phar [boekkooi]
- Added customsystemvars to the Replace task [boekkooi]
- RecursiveIteratorIterator returns path twice when in phar [boekkooi]
- Refactor AtomicFileTransaction [boekkooi]