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- Add support for installing from a remote package.xml [saltybeagle]
- Display version and stability in list-packages [saltybeagle]
- Improve error when phar includes are disabled by suhosin [mfonda]
- Replace config-show with allowing people to call the get command without any arguments to achieve the same result.
"php pyrus.phar get" and php "pyrus.phar config-show" are the same
- Dropped the channel-add command in favor of channel-discover as they were doing the same thing.
Bug Fixes/Refactoring:
- Improve error message for plugin installation failures [saltybeagle]
- Correct exit codes when pyrus fails from CLI [saltybeagle]
- Packaged license files should use 'filesource' not 'path' [saltybeagle]
- Removed the PEAR2 namespace and made Pyrus the top level namespace.
This means all includes and classes need to drop the PEAR2 portion [helgi]
- Use the channel name instead of package name when giving the security error of when a package claims
to be from channel X but really is Y (pyrus/Pyrus#50) [xc]
- DOMDocument::schemaValidate doesn't support phar:// stream [tyrael]
- Upgrade to PEAR2_HTTP_Request-0.3.1 with proxy fix [saltybeagle]