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If I Knew Then is a free ebook, its content crowdsourced from the Internet, made available under a Creative Commons licence. The development of the book is being managed through the Voices From Industry community on Google+.

If you'd like to contribute a chapter to the book, pull requests are welcome.

What This Book Is About

This point on Google+ is our discussion on what our aim is with this book.

How To Contribute

To contribute to this book, simply fork this project on GitHub, add your chapter, and send Stuart your pull request. It's quite possible someone else wants to write about the same topic; please send a pull request with your empty chapter (just the title and your name is sufficient!) to claim the topic :)

The book is written in Markdown, so your chapter will need to be as well. It's a very simple markup language, very well suited to writing books like this one. Install and run Jekyll on your system to preview your chapter whilst you're writing it.

There's a toc.json file, which lists all of the chapters in their final order. You'll want to add your chapter to the toc.json file. You don't have to worry about updating the sidebar; I can take care of that when I merge your pull request.

Guidelines For Writing

There's a few things every chapter needs, in order for the book to fit together:

  • The chapter title should include your name.
  • The chapter should focus on one key thing you wish you'd known before you graduated.
  • Somewhere in your chapter (it doesn't matter where), there needs to be a clear description of why you wish you'd known this before you graduated.
  • Make sure that your chapter has your bio at the very end.

But other than that, just be yourself :)