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<project name="local" default="help">
<target name="help">
<echo message="This component has the following additional commands:" />
<echo message=""/>
<echo message="git-tag" />
<echo message=" Tag the current version in git" />
<echo message="" />
<echo message="git-force-tag" />
<echo message=" Force tag the current version in git (use with caution!)" />
<echo message="" />
<echo message="pp" />
<echo message=" Git push to upstream, publish to PEAR channel" />
<echo message="" />
<echo message="tpp - tag, publish, and push" />
<echo message=" Git tag, push to upstream, publish to PEAR channel" />
<echo message="" />
<target name="git-tag">
<exec command="git tag -a -m 'Release ${project.majorVersion}.${project.minorVersion}.${project.patchLevel}' ${project.majorVersion}.${project.minorVersion}.${project.patchLevel}" logoutput="true" checkreturn="true" />
<target name="git-force-tag">
<exec command="git tag -f -a -m 'Release ${project.majorVersion}.${project.minorVersion}.${project.patchLevel}' ${project.majorVersion}.${project.minorVersion}.${project.patchLevel}" logoutput="true" checkreturn="true" />
<target name="pp" depends="publish-local">
<exec command="git push --mirror" logoutput="true" checkreturn="true" />
<target name="tpp" depends="git-force-tag, publish-local">
<exec command="git push --mirror" logoutput="true" checkreturn="true" />
<!-- vim: set tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab: -->
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