A Sublime Text 2 colour scheme built around earthy colours
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Phix Colour Scheme For Sublime Text 2

This is a syntax highlighting colour scheme for Sublime Text 2, built around earthy colours.

Example Screenshot

Inside Sublime Text 2 on Ubuntu 12.10:

Phix Color Scheme inside Sublime Text 2


Clone the repo into your Packages/ folder. Then, in Sublime Text 2, goto:

Preferences > Color Scheme > sublime-phix-color-scheme > Phix Dark

to activate the Phix Dark colour scheme.

Feedback, Pull Requests Welcome

I spend most of my time programming in PHP, so this scheme probably needs some tweaks to look really good in other languages. Please do send me feedback on how it looks for you, and if you send me a pull request, please remember to tell me which syntax you were looking at when you tweaked it!