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Additional PHP Snippets For Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2 already ships with a lot of snippets for writing PHP code. This is a collection of additional snippets contributed by the PHP community.


Use Sublime Text 2's Package Control (Preferences -> Package Control -> Install Package -> Additional PHP Snippets) to install this plugin.


We add the following snippets to speed up writing PHP code.

To use any of the snippets, simply type the name of the snippet, then press the key. Sublime Text 2 will insert the snippet, and you can then use the key to move through any placeholders that you need to replace.

For files:

  • license-mit: insert the MIT license
  • license-newbsd: insert the new BSD license

__ For PHP files:__

  • php-getset: create getter/setter methods quickly and easily (based on a snippet originally published by @akrabat)
  • php-mit: insert the MIT license as a PHP docblock
  • php-newbsd: insert the new BSD license as a PHP docblock
  • php-section-comment: insert a prominent comment to help break up the sections of your class

Contributions Welcome

Requests for features, and pull requests with patches, are most welcome :)


A collection of miscellaneous snippets for coding in PHP using Sublime Text 2




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