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Phix Color Scheme for Vim

This is a port of my Phix Color Scheme for Sublime Text 2. It supports both console terminals and GUI.

It isn't a 100% perfect port, due to the differences in syntax highlighting between Sublime Text 2 and Vim, but it's close enough.

Example Screenshots

Inside vim from the console:

Phix Color Scheme inside vim w/ xterm-256

and inside GVim on Ubuntu 12.10:

Phix Color Scheme inside GVim

How To Install

If you already use Pathogen, simply add this colour scheme to your bundles folder:

cd .vim/bundles
git submodule add

Or, download the phix.vim file, save it as ~/.vim/colors/phix.vim.

Finally, in your .vimrc file, add the line

colorscheme phix

to tell Vim to load the Phix colour scheme when it starts up.

Pull Requests Welcome

Right now, this colour scheme works best with PHP files, as that's the programming language I spend most of my time working with. Pull requests for other languages are most welcome!