A SWORD-based configurable PHP deposit client for repositories
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Welcome to the EasyDeposit PHP client!
Version: 1.0

The EasyDeposit client is a PHP powered configurable SWORD repository deposit
client. The client can be easily configured to allow you to create a custom
deposit interface for your repository. 'Steps' can be added or removed from
the client to tailor it to your own requirements, new custom steps can be
easily created, and the look and feel of the client can be easily changed
by editing the CSS and header and footer files.

EasyDeposit was originally written by Stuart Lewis (stuart@stuartlewis.com) at
Edinburgh University Library / The University of Auckland Library.

The library is licenced with a BSD licence. See the file LICENCE in the
distribution directory.

The software is based on the CodeIgniter platform:

  - Please read codeigniter-license.txt for terms of use.

Also included with this distribution are copies of mootools, silkicons, and

  - Please read mootools-licence.txt for terms of use.
  - Please read silkicons-licence.txt for terms of use.
  - Please read tinymce-licence.txt for terms of use.

EasyDeposit was written using PhpStorm:

 - http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/

SWORD Compatibility
This version of the library is compatible with SWORD version 1.3,
with draft support for SWORD v2.  However, since EasyDeposit is
a 'fre and forget' tool for single deposits (it does not support
additional future interactions with the deposits), SWORD v1
offers the same functionality.

This library requires:

 - PHP version 5
    + CURL extension
    + SimpleXML extension
    + ZIP extension
    + LDAP module (only if you wish to use LDAP authentication)

View documentation, including installation instructions at:

 - http://easydeposit.swordapp.org/

2.0 (?? ?? 2012)
 - Upgrade of user interface to Twitter Bootstrap
 - Added support for SWORD v2 (tested with EPrints, for DSpace use SWORD v1,
   there is no difference in functionality)
 - Upgrade to CodeIgniter 2.1.3
 - Addition of GitHub deposit step

1.0 (10 February 2010)
 - New administrative interface to edit options and run a system check
 - Improvements to the installation process to make it easier to install
 - New DOI metadata step that populates metadata using the CrossRef API
 - Better session and cookie handling allowing multiple instances to run
   on a single server
 - New multipledeposit step to enable deposit to multiple URLs
 - Name of client (shown on welcome page) can be configured
 - Deposits without files can be made
 - Deposits accept any 20x response code as success
 - Fixed 'localhost' / Firefox cookie issue
 - Fixed images when mod_rewrite isn't being used
 - Upgrade to CodeIgniter 2.0
 - Addition of ssologin login step to support SSO systems such as
   Shibboleth or CoSign

0.1 (7th October 2009)
  - First release