A keyboard for any musical eventuality. Works best with the Web Audio API.
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Qwerty Hancock

Need an instant musical keyboard for your web audio project? Qwerty Hancock is just the thing.

Specify the number of octaves you want, give it a height and a width, then you're ready to use your mouse or keyboard to have the time of your life.

For a demo, and to see how else you can customise your keyboard, visit the Qwerty Hancock homepage.


Add the minified version of the code to your html by adding the following script tag.

<script src="scripts/qwerty-hancock.min.js"></script>

Alternatively, if you're a bower fan: bower install qwerty-hancock


Once you've included Qwerty Hancock on your page, visit the Qwerty Hancock homepage for information on how to initialise and customise the keyboard.