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Manipulate audio in the browser in a quick and friendly manner
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Theresa's Sound World

Theresa's Sound World is powerful way of manipulating audio in the browser in a quick and friendly manner. Built on top of the Web Audio API, it uses a modular routing system allowing you to make sophisticated audio applications and instruments.

Getting Started

Best thing to get up and running is to visit the dedicated Theresa's Sound World site at


"I'm an absolute beginner, but I'm absolutely sane", sang David Bowie, I can only assume about starting an open-source project.

There's so much to be done with Theresa's Sound World that I really need your help. If you have a problem or want to file a bug, just create an issue. Refactored some code or added something you think is amazing? Request a pull!

If you'd like to contribute to the documentation site, please see: theresas-sound-world-site.

All feedback and contributions are very much appreciated.

###Style Guide Theresa's Sound World follows Airbnb's excellent style guide, but uses Douglas Crockford's suggestion of 4 spaces instead of 2.

Baump Baump Wahoo.

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