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What is the Eye2C board?

The Eye2C board is for the raspberry pi and will provide you with 3 i2c headers and 4 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors. It's primary use will be in robotics projects where all round 'vision' is required along with multiple i2c devices (like an adafruit 16 channel servo board, a real time clock, and a simple display). While one of the i2c slots is designed for a tiny i2c oled screen to be added to the board, you can use it as a normal i2c if preferred.

Where can I get it?

At the moment, this board is in development. You can send this board to your preferred supplier for manufacture or visit where Aisler already have the board design and will make you 3 for under €20 euros. All I ask is that you leave the Eye2C name, url and QR code on the board and share any improvements you make back here. There's obviously a disclaimer about the quality of the boards at this time - don't order unless you're willing to accept that the boards might not work.

Where's the code?

Once I get the initial boards back from manufacture, I'll solder it up and write some code.

GPIO Pins for the HC-SR04's

Physical Pin GPIO Number Sensor Function
11 HC-SR04 1 Trig
13 HC-SR04 1 Echo
15 HC-SR04 2 Trig
29 HC-SR04 2 Echo
31 HC-SR04 3 Trig
33 HC-SR04 3 Echo
35 HC-SR04 4 Trig
37 HC-SR04 4 Echo

What's next?

I intend to make this board comply with the Raspberry Pi HAT specification at some point as well as including an AT microprocessor to reduce the number of pins required on the Pi.