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A simple package manager for Cloud9 IDE workspaces.


c9pm is now installed in all regular workspaces automatically.


Listing all available packages:

c9pm list

Installing a package:

c9pm install package1 package2

For instance, to install Python 3.3:

c9pm install python33

All packages are installed in ~/lib/pkg, binaries are symlinked in ~/bin which is in the user's path.


Fork this repo, add a new package, create a pull request!

Naming convention for packages: <name>-<version>:

  • bash script to download the tarball or clone the git repo, compile and install. Does whatever it takes to setup the package in the user's environment.
  • package.json: a description of the package:
    • name: Package name
    • version: Package version
    • dependencies: Currently ignored
    • downloadable: Whether instead of compiling from source (according to, this package can be downloaded as a tar.gz from the c9 package server instead).