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Hashblot is a simple site / tool / library / function / method for hash visualization, created by Stuart P. Bentley.

What it does

Hashblot runs any given string of characters through a hash function to produce a unique image based on the splines of its corresponding hash value.


  • Generating abstract art from random phrases (if you like doing this, you may also like
  • Mashing the keyboard to generate random designs for inspiration
  • Using your email address + the domain of a site to come up with a "correct horse battery staple"-style password
    • A site for storing reminders for passwords conceived using this method is being developed as Blotpass.
    • hashblot's design is considered (by me) good enough for "everyday" passphrase purposes. If your passphrase is likely to be subjected to intense scrutiny - say, because you're looking to divulge information about a world power - then you're better off using a strongly-secure method like Diceware.

For nerds

If you want more information about the implementation of hashblot and how you can use it yourself, browse the code and read the readme.

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